Budget 2024: Key Highlights and Insights

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Introduction to Budget 2024

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently presented the interim Budget 2024 with a strong emphasis on fostering economic growth, ensuring inclusive development, enhancing productivity, and creating opportunities across various sectors.

Key Highlights of Budget 2024

The budget prioritizes policies aimed at empowering youth and women while maintaining fiscal discipline. Notable highlights include the reduction of the fiscal deficit target for FY25 to 5.1% of the GDP and maintaining existing tax rates, both direct and indirect.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s Statement

In her address, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman underscored the importance of sustained economic development amidst challenging times. She reaffirmed the government’s commitment to fiscal prudence while ensuring continued investments in critical areas such as infrastructure.

Five Key Takeaways from the Post-Budget Press Conference

  1. Social Justice and Governance: The Finance Minister emphasized the government’s focus on social justice and effective governance, particularly targeting the welfare of the poor, youth, women, and farmers.
  2. GDP Growth: India’s robust economic growth, maintaining a 7% GDP growth rate over three consecutive years, highlights its position as the fastest-growing economy among G20 nations.
  3. Continued Capex: The government remains committed to sustaining capital expenditure, considering it crucial for economic growth and development.
  4. Infrastructure Development: Projects like the India, Middle East, European Corridor (IMEC) demonstrate India’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and trade despite global challenges.
  5. Fiscal Prudence: The government aims to not only adhere to the fiscal consolidation path but also surpass it, signaling its dedication to sound economic management.

Insights from Various Industry Leaders

Amity University Director’s Perspective

The interim budget’s provisions for higher education, particularly the focus on upskilling youth and enhancing female enrolment, are laudable. The opening of the education sector to global institutions promises significant growth opportunities.

BIMTECH Director’s Insights

The allocation of substantial funds to the education sector reflects the government’s commitment to fostering a knowledge-based economy. The emphasis on digital education and skill development aligns with India’s aspirations for technological advancement.

New York Academy’s Executive Chairman’s Views

The government’s emphasis on inclusive education and youth empowerment resonates with the objectives outlined in the National Education Policy 2020. The increase in female enrolment signals progress towards achieving equitable access to education.

Managing Partner at Mazars in India’s Analysis

The budget’s focus on technological innovation and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors underscores India’s aspirations for sustainable development. Long-term financing initiatives can significantly boost India’s technological capabilities and global competitiveness.

MD and CEO of Mahindra Logistics Ltd’s Assessment

The budget’s emphasis on infrastructure development and sustainable mobility aligns with the logistics industry’s objectives. Initiatives like dedicated freight corridors and EV manufacturing support the sector’s growth and sustainability goals.


Budget 2024 reflects the government’s commitment to inclusive development, economic resilience, and sustainable growth. The emphasis on education, infrastructure, and innovation sets the stage for India’s transformation into a global economic powerhouse.


  1. What are the key highlights of Budget 2024? Budget 2024 focuses on economic growth, youth, and women empowerment while maintaining fiscal discipline.
  2. What are some key takeaways from the post-budget press conference? The press conference highlighted the government’s emphasis on social justice, infrastructure development, and fiscal prudence.
  3. How does Budget 2024 impact higher education? The budget allocates significant funds for higher education, emphasizing skill development, and promoting female enrolment.
  4. What is the government’s approach to technological innovation? Budget 2024 prioritizes technological innovation through long-term financing initiatives and support for research and development.
  5. How does Budget 2024 address infrastructure development? The budget focuses on enhancing infrastructure through projects like dedicated freight corridors and renewable energy initiatives.

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